22.Mar.2010 Catching up with Constance Macy

photo of actor Constance Macy

Constance Macy

Local actor Constance Macy plays Becky in Oxford Financial Group presents BECKY’S NEW CAR.  Making her IRT debut in 1990 and appearing in over 18 IRT productions, she is a familiar face on the IRT stage.  We caught up with Constance during rehearsals for a brief interview.

IRT:  What first attracted you to BECKY’S NEW CAR?

CM: I love the style of the play. It’s cleverly crafted, expedited story-telling. So I was attracted to that aspect of it. But I also liked Becky right away. She spoke to me. She’ll speak to you too, just wait.

IRT:  What do you like most about your character, Becky?

CM: Her humanity. She invites the audience into her story, into her perspective. And she is honest and vulnerable with the audience, more than with anyone else in the play, including herself. So as her circumstances mount up, you feel for her, hopefully root for her, because you know her.

IRT: How did you prepare for this role?

CM: Well, because I feel like Becky Foster probably lives in my subdivision, I didn’t need to do a lot of research. I did visit an auto dealership to research the job though. And, like with any role, I mined any elements of myself or other people in my life. Then, of course, daily explorations of character in rehearsal with James (Still, director), trying out different choices, exploring persectives.

IRT:  There is a lot of comedy in this play.  Does comedy come natural to you?

CM: I don’t really think of myself as a funny person, but recently I was talking to an old friend, a guy I went from first through twelfth grade with. We were talking about our kids. My son had just started kindergarten, and I was worrying about him, and I said something about my son being a “clown.” And my friend said “Yeah, well, so were you.” So maybe it does come naturally. I also love to laugh, and I’m working with six wonderful, funny actors, so that’s dangerous for me.

IRT: What do you think people will take away from this play?

CM: I think people will maybe examine their perspective. I had an epiphany at the Childrens Museum. They have this little triangular room with mirrors covering the three walls, each reflecting the others, and on and on and on until there are hundreds of you but each one reflected from a slightly different angle, a slightly different version of you. If you think back through your life and all the choices you’ve made, it could have gone a million different ways. “Fate is just the weight of circumstances.” (That’s Rush, Roll the Bones.)

IRT: One personal question. Do you remember your “aha” moment when you decided you wanted to pursue acting?

CM: I remember going to the Broad Ripple Playhouse with my mom when I was maybe 12. I don’t remember the play, sadly, I think it was probably over my head. But I remember sitting forward in my seat, just mezmorized by this actress. That was probably when I became enchanted by the idea of acting.

IRT:  Okay, now for the important question; Team Edward or Jacob?

CM: Edward. Seriously, he’s the new Mr. Darcy.

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